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Why Go Digital?

Digital Dispatch puts you in control of incoming calls from most major motor clubs with an easy-to-use, intuitive interface and friendly reminders. You can rest easy knowing digital dispatch will inform you about incoming calls. As more major motor clubs move towards requiring fully digital setups you can be ahead of the curve as digital dispatch exceeds motor club requirements.

The Most Advanced Dispatching Software


Digital Dispatch provides you with settings that give you control over your dispatching from customizable notification sounds to picking which motor clubs you service at any particular time. Stop missing out on jobs with Auto-Accept and send calls to your drivers with detailed job overviews and a map to plan routes.


Tired of writing out the same ticket multiple times? With Digital Dispatch you can simplify and streamline your process as Digital Dispatch quickly displays and saves call information. This information can be accessed through the Tracker base integration as well meaning you have your data in one searchable spot.

Call Volume

Motor Clubs are moving to give preferential treatment to towers using a digital dispatching program, due to ease of use, and that means more calls for you with Digital Dispatch. Additionally, it will boost efficiency as you can respond faster, and save time from rewriting tickets.

Go Mobile!

New to our Digital Dispatch is the ability to take it on the go as the new web app is mobile-friendly. Even on your phone or tablet you get access to the entire Digital Dispatch software all through a simple online login. This means you can receive calls from motor clubs to your cell phone or tablet! Even if you’re a small towing operation Digital Dispatch can help you better interact with motor clubs helping you get preferential treatment.

*Currently only supported on Android devices.

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Digital Dispatch Motor Clubs

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