LotManager is the best way to take back control of your Impound Lot and your Auctions.

Is LotManager Right For You?

Impound lot owners have a tremendous need to secure and protect their inventory against many different risks. Until now, processing vehicles quickly and accurately while dynamically updating inventory was impossible. Having the ability to complete inventories in such a short time, like never before, we recommend doing them on a weekly basis to prevent your assets from going missing. Finally, get accurate scans of VIN and transfer that information to your vehicle records with ease.

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Take Charge of Your Impound Lot

Easy Auction

LotManager allows you to record which bidder buys the vehicle, record how much it sold for and send the information to the office in real time. Bidders can go to the office anytime during the sale and pay for what they have bought, reducing end of auction office traffic and office paperwork. This improves bidder experience and makes your auctions bidder friendly.


When a vehicle is towed to the lot, the user will be able to scan a barcode sticker and have the information for that vehicle retrieved from the local handheld database, which has been synchronized with Tracker. This process will give you better control of your inventory, better control of the actual condition of your vehicles and better control of money collected for your vehicles.


LotManager allows for high-end reporting with instant reports alerting you to differences between last inventory and current inventory. Additionally, these reports help future inventories run faster and more accurately preventing lost or stolen vehicles and giving you the data about a particular vehicle in your impound at the touch of a button.

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