TrackerMaps is the first touch-and-tow dispatch system that gives you instant visual status.

TrackerMaps, A Clear View on Efficiency

TrackerMaps takes dispatching simplicity to a new level with a light easy to interpret dashboard that makes it easy to pick-up and use. Additionally, TrackerMaps allows users to assign trucks to calls with a simple touch-to-tow. Drivers are able to receive and update call information while on the go through the use of integrated TomTom units. These units allow drivers to quickly touch a button to accept a call where routing information for them is then displayed. With all these solutions to streamline your business it’s time to make the move to Tracker.

TrackerMaps Software Shot

Simplify Your Backend Operations


TrackerMaps displays a map on a touch screen monitor with icons for your calls and trucks. To dispatch a job, you touch the icon for that call, then the icon for right equipment available and closest to the job.

GPS Tracking

Complete call information is automatically sent to the driver through TrackerMobile. The driver touches a button to accept the call and routing information is displayed. Currently, Tracker Touch works with TomTom units.


TrackerMaps puts you in communication with your drivers giving you a detailed overview of your drivers available. Additionally, dispatchers can easily relay messages to drivers through the use of the TrackerMobile.

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